Access Advantage

What sets us apart is Service, Service, Service

Projects that are done Right, done Fast, and done Cost Effectively


Access Land has been in operation long enough to know the pitfalls and how to avoid them. Experience has also provided Access Land with:

  • Extensive knowledge of surface issues
  • Staff that anticipates and deals with project variables by performing assessments, taking all aspects into consideration, and dealing with them professionally and quickly
  • Development of skillful landowner negotiations
  • Development of sound Policy, Procedures, and Check lists (Ensuring a better product)
  • Development of functional high quality project tracking and reporting systems
  • Knowledge and understanding of AER Compliance issues and the development of instant audit packages for reporting


Day trips cost less!! Access Land is centrally located and can reach a large part of Alberta within 2 hours.

Quality Service

Access Land provides:

  • Through the evolution of our experiences, we have created in house procedures that ensure the details are not over looked, and our final product is checked thoroughly and audited so that you can depend upon it when construction commences or if audited by the AER.
  • When faced with challenges, we don’t just bring you problems we bring you solutions.
  • Personalized Service. We provide a high level of appropriate communication with our clients during all phases of a project.