How is Access Land different from the rest?

What sets us apart is experience.

25 years experience means projects are done right, done fast, and done
cost effectively, the first time.

  • Experienced, Professional, Results Oriented Staff
  • Bulletproof Top Quality Finished Product
  • Prompt, Personalized Service
  • Efficiency at Affordable Rates

Our Experience

Access Land has been in operation long enough to recognize the pitfalls and know how to avoid them. Twenty five plus years of experience has provided Access Land with:

  • Extensive knowledge of land issues and the rural perspective
  • Knowledge and understanding of regulatory and compliance issues
  • Staff that anticipates challenges and reacts appropriately, professionally, and quickly.
  • Land Agents that use “tried and true” negotiation practices
  • Policies, Procedures, and Checklists, that have evolved over time, ensuring a better product
  • Personalized project tracking and reporting systems
  • Final packages that are internally audited, resulting in a bulletproof consistent product that you can count on during regulatory audits.

Our People

The Access Land team is made up of dedicated hard-working land professionals.  All our Land Agents are licensed. Our staff are mostly Old’s College grads, members of the CAPL, CAPLA, and are continually taking training – both upgrading and keeping current with trends and regulations in our industries.

Our staff are results oriented, and focused on client needs, preferences, and priorities. We personalize our service to meet our clients’ needs and maintain a high level of appropriate communication with our clients during all phases of a project.

Our Efficiency

When working in central Alberta we have an advantage over our competitors – We don’t have the additional travel time, vehicle, and subsistence expenses. Short day trips from our Red Deer office saves money.