Mission Statement

To be the dominant land brokerage firm in central Alberta and the highest quality land broker in Alberta.

Core Values & Culture

We believe in:

  • Performing our work with honesty and integrity
  • Maintaining the highest standards of ethics and professionalism
  • Providing our clients with a prompt personalized service
  • Maintaining a high level of communication
  • Providing the best possible advice and recommendations
  • Promoting the reputation of our clients
  • Being a highly valued team member
  • Maintaining a high level of accuracy
  • Meeting corporate objectives on time
  • Being efficient and cost sensitive
  • Utilizing new technologies for the betterment of our services
  • Performing our work in a safe and environmentally responsible manner

Company History & Facts

Access Land Services Limited (Access Land) was:

    • Founded by Dean Stutheit
    • Incorporated in Alberta in 1991
    • Commenced operations in Drayton Valley, Alberta in February of 1992
    • Relocated to Rimbey, Alberta in 1996.
    • Relocated to Red Deer, Alberta in 2002.

Our Logo

Access LandThe green surface represents the land, and the separation into squares mirrors the separation of our land into legal units. The Arc represents the traveled path to a desired destination. Both the Arc and the Square are gold which represents the highest level of quality in achieving and obtaining access to the desired destination.


Access Land is committed to providing its employees, stakeholders, customers and community with a safe value added service. Access Land conducts business in an environmentally responsible manner and is committed to safeguarding the environment. Access Land subscribes to:



At Access Land we embrace new technologies and strive to utilize them for the betterment of our products and services. We currently subscribe to: